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Saving for Retirement – The Need for a Self-Image Shift

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by: Harold L Lowe

As you might recall, these articles began with the premise that paycheck-to-paycheck employees generally do not earn enough money to live the lives they desire while working and to retire to the lives they desire as well. Unfortunately, most employees don’t experience the lives they desire before nor during retirement because not earning enough money is really at the heart of not fully engaging in saving for retirement. The second premise is that employees are conditioned very early in life to be “employee-minded” and to look to the paternalistic Corporate and Public Sector companies and agencies to provide jobs for them. Only a very few escape this conditioning and move themselves to financial independence.

Premise number three is that over a person’s life, the conditioning (the consistent thoughts, images, and habits) he or she receives constructs that person’s Self-Image or Map of Reality. Nearly all people unknowingly allow the Self-Image to take control of the routine affairs in their daily lives, including what thoughts, images, and habits are called upon, so much so that their lives are on “automatic pilot” most of the time. The Self-Image becomes so dominant that it will only allow in a new thought, image, or habit with which it has a very strong affinity. At some point a shift must take place in the Self-Image to increase your opportunity to earn more money.
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