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Keyword And Search Engine

Hello all! You may know how important good keyword rich text is on your website for good search engine rankings, but do you know how to write effective text with good keywords? Well first it’s very important to determine what your keywords are. Going to a site like Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool and typing in a few of the keywords that you think are the most important and seeing which ones rank higher should be your first stop. Then you can subtlely integrate the words in your text. However don’t sound like you’re forcing it, just type natural phrasing and make it readable so it’s not obvious you’re keyword stuffing.

Keyword density has grown much speculation amongst SEO experts. Some agree that keywords are important but there is no exact percentage that you should meet, while others seem to think having your keywords at least 1-4% of your text is the magic bullet. There is no way to be absoltely certain and with Google and other search engines changing their algorithms all the time, both ways could certainly be right.

Anyhow there are some things you can be certain about when writing good keyword rich text.

Most good keyword phrases are 2-5 words in length.
These are the search phrases that most surfers will use to find your website. It’s actually better to keep your keyword phrases longer than shorter. It cuts down on competition and it’s been proven that shorter keyword searchers are shoppers while longer keyword searchers are BUYERS. Having the keyword phrase “tennis balls” is too hard to rank for and if you do get a high listing, too hard to keep. While “yellow Dunlop tennis balls” would be much easier and it attracts people who are looking for a specific thing.

Only use a few keyword phrases per page.
You cannot optimize a page with 20 different keyword phrases. If your site can target many different keywords, spread them out across several pages. If you try to bunch them in all on one page, not only will you sound obviously like you’re trying to stuff your keywords but you’ll also have the adverse effect on your rankings. The search engines will not know exactly what term to rank you for out of so many so you will have worse rankings.


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  • Wanie

    What’s type of search engine? how it’s work and can u explain to me the example for search engine?

    it’s will really help me for my in coming interview session.

    Thank for your kindly help.