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5 Hard Questions To Ask Before Starting A Project

“When it comes to new projects (for me, a new blog or a website), you could say that I’m commitment phobic. For a long time I was more interested in the ideas behind a new project than the execution, leading to a long trail of half-finished projects — and some that never made it out of my notebook.”
1. What are my end goals with the project? If you don’t know where you want the journey to end, you can’t do anything except wander around in circles.

2. What will I have to do to reach those goals? Like any strong structure, worthy goals tend to have more than one foundation.

3. Do I have enough ideas and inspiration? Ideas are the fuel behind any new project. While two or three good ideas can be enough to get you excited, a successful project requires a lot of good ideas over an extended period of time.

4. Do I have enough time? This is one question which seems to be a recurring theme in most of our lives.

5. Will it impact on my other projects? An offshoot of the previous question, and the final one you need to consider. A new project often requires you to sacrifice some part of your old project — unless you take time from elsewhere.

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